Thursday, August 09, 2007

Barley Apricot Bread & Barley Root

Barley is my favorite of all the grains, of course I love wheat b/c it's what we make bread with. But Barley is mild, nutty, chewy, and a bit sweet. Apparently I love it so much I named my new puppy after it. We now have a 10 wk old Westie named Barley Root.

Barley Apricot
This whole wheat bread is enhanced by rolled barley flakes, which gives this bread a milder taste and moist crumb. Diced apricots found throughout this loaf provide sweet & tart bursts of flavor. Great for breakfast, a turkey sandwich, or an anytime snack!

Ingredients: organic stone-ground whole wheat flour, water, chopped apricots, malted barley syrup, rolled barley flakes , dry milk powder, orange juice, Mississippi honey, canola oil, butter, egg whites, salt, yeast

Hopefully I'll have a picture of my bread up soon. I'll need to consult with my photographer/ husband...

Out Again!

Hi to all my wonderful loyal customers. I hope everyone is surviving the heat. I wasn't sure I would last week at the market!

Right now I'm in a library in Smithtown NY. So obviously I'm not baking bread to sale. I will be out this weekend for a family event on Long Island. This is my first trip to NY & it's not bad. I haven't found a good bakery to go to yet, so I'm still looking. I miss good old Mississippi, but certainly not the heat. It's pretty pleasant here today.

Don't worry I'll be back next week.I'm enjoying my little trip, but can't wait to get back into my kitchen. See you next weekend (Aug 18th)!