Thursday, July 15, 2010

Prince Simeon's Rickshaw

So for Christmas last year Daniel's parents gave us a super generous gift to buy a bike trailer to transport Simeon. You're not supposed to ride your baby until they're a year, but we decided he's close enough. I have done lots of research and settled on the most expensive maker of baby bike trailers, but it's hard to put a price on your child's safety. We ordered a Chariot Corsaire XL and it just came in yesterday. Daniel got home in enough time to take a late evening spin, we all had a good time. Simeon was a little dazed, but it was bedtime after all. He is very secure in it, something I was concerned about after trying one out at our local bike shop. And it has this awesome suspension system so he's not jostled so much over the bumps. I'm looking forward to increasing our exercise.

Monday, July 12, 2010


So we're in the middle of July, yikes time flies! I didn't do a post for the fourth and we had a fairly busy weekend. We walked down the street (a 15+ min walk) to the balloon glow. Simeon was up past his bedtime, but was a good sport about being worn around in the craziness! I love this picture on the right, he just wasn't so sure about those loud hot air balloons.

We spent time with our families and worked on some projects. Our beloved Auntie Becca came by to visit. She was kind enough to take over my birthday card invitation operation. Simeon was getting a tooth in and being held was more important that whatever else Mommy was doing! We're exciting about the upcoming celebration. Of course I'm turning into a sappy emotional creature. I just can't believe it is going by so fast!

And Simeon took his first succession of steps! At the AT&T store of all places. We were changing my phone, and were there for an hour. While at the checkout Simeon let go of my hand and took 5-6 diagonal steps! It was amazing, Daniel and I just looked at each other. I think it's a sign he's going to be a techie nerd like Daniel and his dad. He's still mostly crawling but will occasionally take a few steps. He now has 8 teeth and is in a happy period I'm really enjoying. Teething has been hard for my boy, so I'm trying to come up with some new strategies for the next ones. We have been taking a good bit of Motrin and Tylenol as teething rings and a cold rag do no good. I feel blessed to be at home with my boy and am thankful to be here through the good and bad!

Garden July 2010 Edition

So I'm going to try to make this brief. As I mentioned in previous posts the garden seems to be taking a turn for the worst again this year. The good news is it isn't a total failure, we have harvested a few things. But it has not been nearly as successful as I would have liked. My plants aren't producing much and what they have produced has been small. I need to check into having our soil tested. Instead of rolling straight into planting for the late summer or fall, we are going to pause to work on the dirt. My friend Hal recommended continuing to build up the dirt with compost. Daniel fixed the composter after I called the company and failed to get a replacement part. We did a little research and we need to add some more green material to balance out the food waste decomposition. Felder Rushing said that shredded newspapers are fine, so I need to bum some of those off of my parents. So we haven't given up hope yet! I did make a variation of a Julia Child's stew from the carrots and onions pictured here, it was yummy:)

Thursday, July 01, 2010

U Picks

So as a crunchy momma u-pick farms should be right up my alley, and they are. But I've only been to a few and not very often. Why? I don't know about many u-pick farms in this area. I'm sure they're around but I just haven't found them. And I never plan well enough to go when things are ripening. I do know of two that I wanted to mention.

Locust Grove Berry Farm I actually have been to this farm twice. Once last year two weeks after I had Simeon to pick muscadines. It wasn't a total fiasco but I wouldn't call it my most successful venture. I have better hopes for this year. And earlier this week my mom talked me into going to pick blueberries. It's not that I didn't want to go, I have been just exhausted. Simeon's sleep patterns have once again regressed to a newborn as he is cutting teeth, and as I am the one that gets up with the poor dear we have both been cranky. So yesterday it rained and was cool so we went and it was great. I wore Simeon on my back and he had a great time. He picked a few for himself while I was picking. In fact he picked a good many as he was munching and smacking most of the time I was picking. I'm really looking forward to muscadines in a month.

Hope Fruit and Berry Farm
is a wonderful u-pick that I haven't actually visited, although I really want to. The family that owns this place sold at the market when I was selling bread, and they are super nice. There is a schedule on their website of when they visit local markets.

I feel like my lack of sleep is keeping me from doing things I need to for my family, but God will help me do all I need to do. I'm thankful for my family, because with out their help I don't know how I'd make it through exhausting times like these.