Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Dog Days of Summer

I am so very hot, of course it's no wonder I am 33 weeks pregnant! It's not even officially summer here, but it sure feels like it.

My pampered puppy is not enjoying the heat either. I walked him this morning without my dear husband, who is feeling a bit under the weather. And we had a late start, because I wanted to do a few little projects in the yard while it was cool (like a humid 78 is cool!). And shortly after we started he kept pulling and wanting to go back home. If I didn't know how much we both need exercise I would have given in. Don't worry about my furry friend, he has all day long to recover from our walk while everyone else is working:)

So Daniel says I have been nesting and it is true. I only have a little time left before Simeon is here! Yesterday my parents were so kind to give me a very nice chest of drawers to go in his room. The nursery is a little room so a big dresser was out. I have white furniture in there, which was also given to us. God has really blessed us with good friends and family! So today I changed out hardware, trickier than I thought it would be, cleaned the chest, and now I'm taking inventory of the clothes we have and washing.

As far as new food things, my garden is so slow and I'm so impatient. We have one green tomato, but lots of blooms. Our melon plants are thriving and have lots of blooms also. When they start producing I think we'll have many melons. Speaking of melons I may have to go to the farmers market and buy a watermelon. That sounds very cool.