Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Elizabeth's favorite fruit

I know so hard to choose. In addition to being the month of my birthday August is the month for muscadine season. When I was little my grandparents friends had vines and we'd pick ice cream buckets full (the plastic ones). And I would make myself sick eating so many. Ahh those were the days, now I have to pay for them by the puny carton. One day I will grow my beloved native American grape and have enough to make jam. Until then I will ration some of my grocery budget on this Southern delicacy in August & September.

The Food Roots are in the kitchen

Of course we are, some of us never leave the kitchen! I've fallen behind on my blogging again. I wouldn't even have fun pics to post if Daniel hadn't made pasta this weekend and asked me to take a few pictures of the process. The pasta was great especially for a first attempt. I think Daniel thought it was a lot of work to make it a regular task.

I went to Clinton last week and had a great market. Thanks to my friends in Clinton for coming to see me and for buying my bread and other goods. I can't even express completely how grateful I am to people who actually spend their hard earned money on my handiwork. You make it possible for me to play in my kitchen all the time.

I will be at the Belhaven market this Saturday. I'm looking forward to it, I really do miss all my friends there. I hate that I have missed so many Belhaven markets. Daniel and I have this crazy dream of having an "urban farm", more space to have a little garden, a shop for him, fruit trees, and a few chickens. And to do this we have to get this house sellable. Unfortunately some home renovation projects are not good for my business. I think we're set for awhile now, we shouldn't have anything as major as redoing floors for some time.

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Beach Bums

  Daniel, Barley, and I went to the MS coast last weekend. We had a wonderful trip. Pet friendly hotels are great. However if you don't have pets you probably don't want to stay in one; Barley decided to bark at one of our neighbors in the wee hours of the morning. Otherwise he behaved and we had a great trip.

By the way to make this a more business like post I have a restaurant review. Schooners in Biloxi is awesome! I should have taken pictures, by the time we got our food we wanted to eat and weren't thinking about digitally capturing our food. Daniel had a half oyster, half shrimp po-boy that was wonderful. I had a crab & cheese po-boy which would have been wonderful if not for the processed yucky American cheese. McElroy's in Ocean Springs had an ok po-boy; slightly overcooked shrimp, not as hot, plus more expensive. We had supper at Al Fresco in Ocean Springs, great homemade Caesar salad. I got a good deal on enough food for 2 people, Daniel wasn't as happy with his slightly overcooked fish. I'm definitely going back to Schooners, but I could pass up McElroy's and Al Fresco. I know I'm a restaurant snob, but you might as well enjoy what you pay for.

Oh business, I'm missing another market this week, I know pitiful. Our house is still not back in order at all. I'm hoping I can help Daniel finish up the baseboards & quarter-round so we can get things back in order. If I do the market I will have no time to help and my china will remain all over the guest bedroom, where my market supplies are burried. It's probably good I didn't realize how out of sorts our house would be for almost a month now! I'll be in Clinton next week, hope to see you there.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Carpet bye, bye

I haven't seen my market friends in two weeks. I'm definitely in withdrawal. Don't worry I haven't been too lazy in my "time off". As you can see in these pictures our carpet is gone and in it's place is nice faux "wood" laminate floors. The pictures are obviously of different rooms.

For those out there trying to sell an old home with out-dated floors there is hope! Before we covered the ugly linoleum with the new laminate my dad told me he still like the linoleum in our foyer. Blah, different strokes for different folks I guess. We do think the laminate looks much better than nasty carpet and outdated linoleum. Daniel and I had a hard time deciding what to put in. Real hardwood is our ideal, but we're trying to fix up the house to sell it's not our dream home. These floors are somewhat realistic, they feel good to walk on and seem to clean easily.

So after pulling up carpet, ripping out tack strip, cleaning up the mess, going to get floor samples, buying the wood, hauling it home, moving all the furniture out of half of the house, and moving some of the furniture back we are exhausted. We are taking a mini-vacation this weekend. We are going to the Mississippi Gulf Coast with Barley. He snaps at the waves in our kayak, so it should be fun to see him on the beach.

I will be back at the market next week, more than likely Clinton. I'm looking forward to getting back into the kitchen.