Saturday, September 05, 2009

Hippie Momma

Baby carrying is something I really wanted to do so I bought several different carriers, 2 slings, 1 Maya Wrap, and was given another wrap style front carrier.

I even passed up the infant car seat with the removable carrier in favor of a convertible rear/front facing car seat. I had a feeling I would have a big baby and he might not be in that seat for long. So I spent more on a nicer convertible seat. And I thought, no biggie I'll pop the baby in the sling and head on to the doctor, grocery, etc.

I'm so busy around the house: going to the garden, hanging out clothes, baking bread, etc. So I was depending on being able to pop my baby in the sling and go. Well guess what, babies have their own personalities and mine doesn't like having his head crammed into a sling. The videos make the babies look so comfortable, but mine never seemed too cozy. Plus he was mad everytime I put him in, screamed. The best luck I had was with the wrap style front carrier, but it is a little difficult to put on and he slides down in it. I feel like I need to support him with one hand still.

The more bad baby wearing experiences I had the more depressed I became. I started thinking maybe I should have gotten the infant carrier car seat. And I resigned myself to not being as mobile with my newborn as I wanted to be. Then while looking on a diapering website I ran into this wonderful invention: the Beco Butterfly 2 baby carrier. It seemed comfortable, easy to adjust, very supportive, and cute! So I researched it as well as I could on the net and asked my wonderful husband for one for my birthday (last week). Unfortunately it is expensive. But I'm hoping to sell some of my other carriers and recoup some money. We only used them once, anyone interested?

Well it came today and Simeon and I both love it. Why?
- comfort- he has room to move while being supported and it doesn't kill my back
- ease of use- the easiest to figure out of all my baby carriers
- most of all I wore it for an hour and he didn't scream once! Success!

I'm sure there's plenty of people out there that have had great experiences with other carriers, but every mom and every child is different and has their own needs. Clothesline here I come again!


So I have been absent for awhile due to the birth of this little guy, Simeon Paul Root born August 4, 2009 at 1:32 AM. His stats: 8 lb 1oz, 20.5 in. Having a child was an experience like no other. If I was a great blogger I would have had pictures up already and blogged sooner. But as I'm not great at updating this blog on a good day, the business of the last month got the better of me.

I titled this blog priorities because I definitely have had a shift in mine. Having a child foremost has made me appreciate my own parents more, how I have taken them for granted. And I am quickly learning how to do things very quickly: shower, throw together a breakfast casserole, groom the dog... My free time is much more rare so I have to make the best of it.

The last month has been busy, tiring, emotionally overwhelming, but so wonderful! Some of my pet projects have taken the back burner: knitting, our garden, hanging out our clothes, and even baking. I'm really hoping to pick some of those activities on a more limited basis soon. So maybe on this blog I will be featuring more quick tips than I have before!