Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Beautiful Blue Mixer

So my breadmaking adventures continue. My beloved mother bought me a professional 600 Kitchen Aid mixer for my birthday, which I really really wanted (primarily to make bread). Well at first I was kinda upset (a little) b/c they are really expensive $300 +. But after she told me she got it on sale at Williams Sonoma half off b/c of the color. And it's really not a bad color, it's b/w pastel blue and seafoam- a nice shade really. Maybe I'll post a picture of it whenever my husband helps me figure out how to post pictures- technical difficulties.

I am really really thankful to own a lovely piece of kitchen equipment that performs so well. Really you should hear to motor- it really sounds like it has some power. I finally got around to making bread in it last friday, kneading the bread in there was so quick. I have actually kneaded bread by hand (MESSY!), but this was a nice medium b/w hand kneading and a bread machine. The bread machine is a closed system allowing little input from the use. The mixer on the other hand requires some thought to knead bread. It is up to the baker to decide if the dough has a good consistency- too wet or too dry. And the baker must decide when the dough has been kneaded adequately and it's pretty quick in a mixer so I'm sure it wouldn't be hard to overknead some bread (adversely affecting it's ability to rise).

My first attempt at bread baking using my pretty blue mixer went well, I can't take too much credit. I followed a recipe and the bread turned out pretty and tasty. If anyone has tips on whole grain baking (100% ) I'd love to hear them.

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