Friday, June 27, 2008

Ahh food prices

Ok so this isn't good news for me or you. My ingredient prices are still going up. AHHHH!

I am doing what I can to keep prices reasonable: trying to get bulk breaks, make smaller loaves (many people seem to prefer this anyway), and trim out unnecessary expenses. It is a tough time to be in the food industry. Since December my dairy prices increased 60% and my flour prices have more than doubled.

I really really dread having to raise my prices. I didn't start this business to rip people off, and I know I won't be getting rich anytime soon. I know many restaurant owners, farmers, and other food people are having to make some changes to avoid losing their businesses. The point is I'm raising my prices because I have to and I apologize.

I hope & pray that these price increases will level out soon. I'm not planning on quitting my business anytime soon and I'm not planning on switching to inferior, cheap ingredients. I'll quit before I sell a product that I wouldn't want my family to buy.

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