Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Clinton & Carpet Removal

I will be at the Clinton Market this Saturday, July 26th. I hope the weather will be nice. I should have some wonderful whole grain breads, my delicious cultured butter, fig cakes, and blueberry muffins.

Next week Daniel and I are going to do some home renovation that has been overdue for 2 years! We are going to pull up our yucky carpet, really who wants carpet in the dining room. Blah! So I'm sorry to my Belhaven friends, I will not be back for 3 weeks! Only if I could have a mini me baker to do all my baking work so I could do everything I want to.


judith said...
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judith said...

Hi Elizabeth -
I went to college with Daniel, and you and I have met a few times including at the Belhaven Market. I was wanting to discuss with you a possible business opportunity to see if you would be interested. I am the Director of Special Projects where I work and we have recently opened a coffee shop. I immediately thought of you for a supplier of yummy and wholesome baked goods and treats for us to sell to our customers. Please email me back and I would love to talk with you more about it if you are interested. Email works best for me b/c I am often on the go....looking forward to talking with you soon!

sorry for the long comment. I couldn't get your "email us" link to work properly.

Judith Thompson

"at" gmail "dot" com