Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Beach Bums

  Daniel, Barley, and I went to the MS coast last weekend. We had a wonderful trip. Pet friendly hotels are great. However if you don't have pets you probably don't want to stay in one; Barley decided to bark at one of our neighbors in the wee hours of the morning. Otherwise he behaved and we had a great trip.

By the way to make this a more business like post I have a restaurant review. Schooners in Biloxi is awesome! I should have taken pictures, by the time we got our food we wanted to eat and weren't thinking about digitally capturing our food. Daniel had a half oyster, half shrimp po-boy that was wonderful. I had a crab & cheese po-boy which would have been wonderful if not for the processed yucky American cheese. McElroy's in Ocean Springs had an ok po-boy; slightly overcooked shrimp, not as hot, plus more expensive. We had supper at Al Fresco in Ocean Springs, great homemade Caesar salad. I got a good deal on enough food for 2 people, Daniel wasn't as happy with his slightly overcooked fish. I'm definitely going back to Schooners, but I could pass up McElroy's and Al Fresco. I know I'm a restaurant snob, but you might as well enjoy what you pay for.

Oh business, I'm missing another market this week, I know pitiful. Our house is still not back in order at all. I'm hoping I can help Daniel finish up the baseboards & quarter-round so we can get things back in order. If I do the market I will have no time to help and my china will remain all over the guest bedroom, where my market supplies are burried. It's probably good I didn't realize how out of sorts our house would be for almost a month now! I'll be in Clinton next week, hope to see you there.

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