Monday, May 11, 2009

My new non-food hobby

Yeah my new hobby isn't photography obviously. But you get the idea right. I have taken up knitting and I'm totally addicted. Just ask my poor husband, he just wants me to put my needles down and really watch a movie with him. But the baby clock is so ticking down. I'm already 28 weeks! This picture is of a pair of wool "soakers" or a diaper cover I made for Simeon. Daniel isn't so sure about the "sweater on his behind" look. But I of course love most anything that looks old timey. This was my third knit project, and my first soaker. Since we're going to be using cloth diapers, I need to make more soakers. But the next few will be knit with a thinner yarn producing a trimmer soaker.


Christian said...

Hooray for wool soakers! They work great and you will LOVE them! Contact me if you want any cloth diaper ideas. I'm an addict. Also - is your son going to be named Simeon? That's my second son's name!

Erin said...

Shucks! That was me posting above, but I was signed in as my husband.