Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Good Times

So in my previous post I lamented our sleep issues. Let me be clear, I want us to get us on a better routine for Simeon's sake more than mine. When he is well rested he has more fun than when he's cranky and tired.

I'm loving the No Cry book more the more I read it. I will say our sleep issues are definitely not solved, but we're making progress.

I want to write about some good thinks me and Simeon have been doing, because even with sleep problems motherhood is such of a blessing!

He's into copying what I do: dusting the house, bossing Barley, rubbing lotion on his face...

He's talking more and more, I can't understand most of it. But he certainly understands me: he knows what the bed, bath, his toy fire engine, lambo (manly lovey), and many other things are.

He loves to play outside, I think he'd play outside all day if I let him. We try to play out at least an hour a day. There are many other things I need to do, but he gets so bored inside.

Eating is becoming more of a challenge, he is picky and has taken to throwing food at times. But we persist with meals and snacks and Daniel tells me all the time, he's not starving. He loves fruit and anything sweet, almost everything else is hit or miss.

We got the woolens from the cedar chest, I know doesn't that sound so old timey:) I tried his mittens on him and he wouldn't let me take them off, so he wore them to Petsmart this morning even though it wasn't that cold.


Mary Louis Quinn said...

It's crazy how grown up our babies are getting! C is teething right now (just finished the molars, now onto the cuspids), so we have had a lot of screaming and fit-throwing in our house. As I find myself getting frustrated, I try to remind myself that I will miss this one day.

I read your previous post about sleep training. It can be so hard because there are so many schools of thought, but it sounds like yall are making great progress! I would say that with C, establishing a routine was the best thing for her. Even after we dropped that night time feeding, she still knew it was time for bed because of all of our other bedtime activites: bath, books, singing, etc. She has woken some in the middle of the night since she has been teething, and it is much harder (to me) to let her cry it out at this age than it was when she was much younger. :(

Mary Louis Quinn said...

I should have said, "I will miss THIS AGE one day", not the fit-throwing. :)