Saturday, August 06, 2011

Blessings in Disguise

I'll post better pictures soon, I promise! Miso soup through a straw, oh yeah!

I have been thinking about this post for awhile. We have been wanting to get out of our house since we got married, but it hasn't happened for one reason or another. We have been steadily fixing it up bit by bit. Then the curse of the Yazoo clay got to us. The things we fixed up may have to be refixed. And this home is becoming a money pit. So it has been hard for us to be positive about this house. Daniel bought it before we got married and together I don't think it's what we would have picked. So now we are definitely going to be fixing the foundation and it isn't cheap so we're going to be here another year or two at the least. So recently I started thinking about the things I really like about our home:

-We are 2 minutes at the most from my parents and about 5 from Daniel's. That is really convenient and Simeon loves being close to his grandparents. He can identify where they live and requests to go there often. I am so grateful that he has such a close relationship with all his grandparents.

-We are in a very convenient location to almost everything. The interstate is so close.

-We have really some really nice neighbors. There are some people who have lived in this neighborhood for a really long time, several original owners still live in their homes. They are so sweet to us. We do a lot of walking especially because we have a crazy dog and not much back yard so we see a lot of people out.

-We are close to church and somehow manage to be late still. Ughh, it is hard to get anywhere with a two year old.

-I love that we don't have a split plan. I'm an attached momma and love being able to hear my child without a monitor, he's right next door. I never would have thought about this in the same way before I was a Momma.

-It isn't two story, I really can't keep this house very tidy and there are no stairs to climb.

-Simeon and Barley both love looking out the windows, and they're all really low to the floor in this house.

I won't share my dislike list, because the positivity is so good for me:)

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Madeline said...

I think we're in similar boats. The foundation on ours is fine, but the house has required way more renovating than we initially anticipated. It would be fine if we wanted to stay in it, but we can't wait to leave. Lately, though, I've been trying to like the place more. It seems a shame to keep thinking of it as temporary when we'll be here for another year or two.