Monday, October 08, 2007

MS state fair & Breadcrumbs

So what does the MS state fair have to do with breadcrumbs? Well I'm sure lots of people had fun at the fair last weekend, at any rate they did not come to the Belhaven market. I'm blaming the fair for the small crowds at the market Saturday. So I was blessed with an overflow of delicious homemade whole grain bread and more than my family could eat in a week!

My friend Paul, New Orleans Restaurant veteran & vendor of fabulous stuffed breads, suggested I make breadcrumbs. Well who would buy breadcrumbs from me when they could just go to the grocery store & buy a huge can for $1.50 or whatever the price is? I will tell you why you should come to the Belhaven market & buy my breadcrumbs.

1. They are delicious- the old idea of good ingredients make yummy meals- hearty delicious whole grain bread crumbs lightly seasoned with italian herbs are a great start to oven baked chicken, crab cakes, etc.

2. My breadcrumbs are fresh & superior to that can of breadcrumbs at the grocery store that has been on that shelf for months!

3. They are better for you- you are what you eat, why not get a serving of whole grains from that oven fried chicken?

So come by my stand & see me Saturday and get some breadcrumbs or a loaf of bread! And if you buy some breadcrumbs I'll give you my favorite recipes that use my yummy breadcrumbs.

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