Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Spring Foods Down South

0b50fcf88377603e6257a79ac6e63da5In Mississippi, we get about two and a half weeks of Spring before Summer arrives, and in that brief time, two favorite foods are in season.  Crawfish and strawberries are sent up from Louisiana and can be found all over the state.   Sunday, we enjoyed 20lbs of mudbugs with friends at Old Trace Park.  As far as meals go, it doesn't get any easier: find a supplier, fill up a cooler, and dump them on a plastic tablecloth somewhere outside.  Most vendors also sell potatoes and corn that has been boiled alongside the crawfish, so sides are covered too!  You can expect to pay about $3.85/lb, which is considerably cheaper than head-on shrimp.  I've tried boiling my own- it's a fun experience , but honestly it just wasn't worth the effort when pre-cooked are nearly the same price and generally just as fresh.

For the strawberries, I'm not sure there's anything better than just fresh sliced berries.  We went through a flat in about a week, and Elizabeth has already gotten another flat and put up some for the summer.

So, if you live 'round here, go grab some crawfish and berries and enjoy these short weeks of spring!

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Elizabeth said...

I did put some strawberries up, hopefully they'll last into the winter. If I have time I want to make some strawberry-pineapple-orange marmalade too!