Monday, April 05, 2010

Christ is Risen! Spring is really here!

Isn't that a great picture? My husband is so talented in so many ways. Pascha (Easter as Western Christianity calls it) is finally here. Lent was difficult for me for many reasons this year, I hate to whine so I won't go into my struggles. I know that I am so very blessed in many ways, and I am grateful. I do feel like I have been blessed by the time of fasting, prayer, and almsgiving. I feel like I can make a clean start and am energized to be a good wife, mother, and Christian neighbor to those around me. Indeed he has risen for us!

Daniel and I have discussed the lack of pictures we have taken of Simeon and have planned on ways to change that. We'll see.

Daniel has been really busy at work the past few months. We are blessed that he has a job at all, but I am also exhausted from carrying most of the household load myself. I hope that the majority of his 13 hour work days are over for a while at least. We have also had colds it seems like all winter. So the beautiful weather and the wonderful celebration we enjoyed at church this weekend have been so refreshing to me.

Simeon is really increasingly mobile. This for the moment is making my life easier because he is so excited about be able to get to things and play with them. I think much of Simeon's fussiness in his early months was not being able to make his body do what he wanted. One of his favorite activities is trying to get to Barley, unfortunately playing with Barley is yanking his hair so I have to try to warn Barley if he's preoccupied like he was in this picture.

Simeon is eating more solid food. We have done some finger foods, but are still doing mostly purees and of course breastmilk. He loves to eat and I'm having fun introducing him to more foods.


Lea Freeny Browne said...

Whoo hoo for breastmilk! Ha ha! I couldn't help but type that.
Glad you all had a lovely EASTER! God is so good, ya know?!! You are a wonderful wife, mom and neighbor!

Mary Louis Quinn said...

Simeon is precious! He looks just like his mama to me! :)