Thursday, August 05, 2010

Slow cooker madness

Finally a food post!

I decided that I needed a new slow cooker to better prepare healthy meals for my family, how American right. We always need new stuff for some reason or another. I do like my new slow cooker. I wish that I had ordered my new slow cooker and this cookbook on Amazon and saved some $. If any of my friends out there have good slow cooker cookbook recommendations please pass them along.

I have enjoyed my new slow cooker. It is a better size and shape for my family. My old one was an oval and too big to prepare smaller meals so I didn't use it much. I have been looking for ways to avoid overheating the house during this horrible heat wave we have been suffering from. I have cooked beets and butternut squash in my slow cooker and was very happy with the results. I cooked some Swedish meatballs that Daniel really loved. I cooked oatmeal that was easy and a good, quick breakfast, we'll have to repeat that this winter. I will say some things I cooked seem a bit overcooked, I think my slow cooker might run a bit hot. I haven't got all scientific and checked the temp. during cooking. I'm looking forward to using my slow cooker more.


Lea Freeny Browne said...

So does this cookbook offer healthier choices? I will have to check it out. =)
I have a crock-post cook book "Fix it and forget it for entertaining" I like it but I don't cook with it unless i am pressed for time since a lot fo the recipes call for canned goods/soups etc. I don't like all the sodium that comes with canned goods.
I too like my slow cooker. I perfer a large one so that I can have plenty of leftovers. =)
I'd keep the larger one so that it will grow as your family grows.
Thanks for sharing for I have really wanted to find a healther cook book for my crock. =O)

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for the comment Lea! Yeah the cook book is fairly healthy. It has mostly from scratch recipes, but not all of them are too difficult. I bought it after reading a few at B&N, it seemed the best choice. There are a few neat tips like the beets and butternut squash recipes that are easier and tastier than the way I was preparing those item. I just need to use it more. I like my new crockpot because it is tall rather than wide so I have the option of a small or big meal. I wish we had enough kitchen storage for all the gadgets I would love. I also had a "fix it and forget it" but the recipes weren't really for me. I need to build up my repertoire of easy and healthy meals, I'm trying:)

Mary Louis Quinn said...

There are some slow cooker recipes in the Better Homes and Garden cookbook. The only one I have ever done is the pot roast, so I have no idea if any of them are in any good. But it may be worth flipping through the next time you are in a bookstore.