Monday, August 09, 2010

Prince Simeon's Party

I should quit calling him Prince Simeon, he may start believing it then we'd really be in trouble!

This post has wonderful pictures! Daniel's cousin's wife Erin Quinn takes gorgeous pictures, she has a business Quinntography. Erin was so sweet to take pictures at Simeon's birthday and send some of them to me. Erin did our Christmas card picture last year and it was great, but she will take pictures for other occasions too. If you need a photographer give her a call. Maybe I should hire her to do a monthly or quarterly shot of the boy since my photography skills are lacking.

The boy ate so much cake I thought he was going to be sick last night. Next time he gets a smaller piece.

What a great Daddy! This may be my favorite picture ever.

Cousin Noelle having a ball

We had a great time, and are so grateful for all our family. I really couldn't have done it alone. Simeon (most importantly) really had fun even though the party was late. We had an evening party so my mom could come, thanks Momma for working so hard all these years. I hope no one ever has to go to the ER at St. D on a weekend night but if you do my Momma will take care of you. Evenings aren't the boys best time but he did really well.

We were able to party at the Oakmont clubhouse and it was pretty open, he seemed to love just running around a wide open space. There wasn't much for him to get into and he had a great time. Simeon ate too much delicious cake. He was excited about the presents, and he should be. The boy is set: a Grateful dead shirt, puzzles, a train, pjs, cool books, a pull along froggy, and a nice new (smaller) diaper bag. When the weather cleared up we got to take a little swim and even tested out the capacity of the swim diaper! That was our second hosing off of the night!

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Sarah Denley said...

Hilarious. I'm glad you're posting more often; it's fun to read! And I may have to get that photographer's info from you. You're mom especially takes great care of stomach flu victims, haha! Had fun seeing you today.