Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Attached Parenting

So this picture is from our first family beach vacation to Orange Beach a few weeks back. I have mixed feelings about that trip. We went with some friends and really enjoyed the company.

Unfortunately Simeon sleeps horribly in his pack and play, so Daniel and I didn't get much rest on the trip. Some friends let us borrow this pea pod and we have yet to try it out. We didn't purchase our pack and play it was given to us, so I didn't do too much research on them. I know the pad in ours is very thin and probably uncomfortable. Simeon also wasn't too keen on the sand or the ocean either, but this was his first exposure to it.

We attended liturgy in the Orthodox Church in Gulf Shores and were treated so hospitably by the people of that parish. We ate out some, and cooked in some.
Daniel did really enjoy being off of work and in a different place. As for me, being quite hobbit-like I was ready to get back to my cozy hobbit-hole in Ridgeland, MS.

So on the way home I realized I left the baby carrier in the condo. I didn't freak out right away, although out of everything I brought I hated to leave this the most. I thought great I won't get anything done at home and Simeon will be a wild child in the grocery store. After an entire week of calling the realty company they told me that my beloved carrier was lost. I was really upset. I moped all week and really missed my helper. Let me say that I don't use it everyday, but when I use it it is a lifesaver.

Daniel told me to just buy a new carrier. But for me my attachment to my carrier went deeper than the high price I paid for it. I felt like Simeon and I had grown in our mother-child relationship in it, and I planned on using it for all our other future children. Isn't it funny how we parents, probably mothers more than fathers, get attached to our baby gear? Like a boppy I bought used from a friend, she said she was glad it was going to a good home. She nursed her baby on the pillow so it was special to her, but we can't keep every baby thing in our house forever of course! And another friend told me that she kept some of her baby's newborn diapers from the hospital.

Well end of the story, almost as soon as I ordered a new carrier my old one was found. So Daniel got me another carrier for another birthday! This time I picked another soft structured carrier, except I chose a more toddler specific carrier, the Oh Snap. Now before you die from sticker shock, let me say that I skimp on some baby gear, like our stroller ($70) and we got almost everything else second hand. I plan on leaving my Beco in my car. It is easy to use in the store due to the panel that makes it easy to very safely pass the baby from my front to my back while standing up, since I drive a 2 door Civic this is necessary. The Oh Snap doesn't have this panel, but I can put it on sitting on the couch till I get used to it. It is more customizable fit wise and is supposed to be better for leaning tall children, like I have:) I'm really excited about getting my new carrier in. Hopefully I will be able to use both of my carriers for many more years.

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Mary Louis Quinn said...

I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who gets attached to baby gear. :) I get so sad when I have to pack something up and put away clothes C can no longer fit into.

BTW I love Simeon's birthday crown! I tried to write a comment on that post a few weeks ago and it wouldn't work for some reason. I hope he had a wonderful birthday!