Monday, May 23, 2011

Crunchy reads

Before I get into the boringness of my rambling thought I'd post a few pics from our first family zoo trip! We went with our dear friends and their kids (our godchildren). It was a wonderful time. I just had to include a babywearing photo. This is my prized kinderpack in a standard size with standard straps. Unfortunately it appears that Simeon is a bit tall for it. It doesn't hurt my back and it doesn't bother him, but maybe I'll sell off my Beco and with some birthday funds in August try to track down a toddler sized one. But if not we love this carrier (we as in me and Simeon, poor Daniel would never wear the flowers) and will get more mileage out of it. I love not having to deal with a stroller and the ease of picking him up and down.

I sent this to a family member a few weeks ago trying to describe what attachment parenting is about. Our local chapter is just getting started. After praying, discussions with my husband and priest I have decided to get involved with the group. Having a support group is great, most of the moms are devoted Christians which is important to me. We are definitely all different, and do things a little different. Some of us work though most of us are at home with the kids, some co-sleep, some nurse children beyond a year, some babywear almost all the time. Making changes have already very positively affected my relationship with Simeon and our day to day interactions. It doesn't come naturally yet.

Here is a great article we discussed at our last meeting. We talked about babywearing and it was really helpful to me. One fascinating thing is that the tribal babies in the article that are worn and included in everyday life are incorporated into the work of the tribe at an earlier age than we incorporate children in our society into working. Now I'm not advocating child labor, but I've always wanted my children to help out in the family as they grow up. Not in an overbearing way, but in a natural way. Simeon really wants to help now and I really try to let him. It often ends up being a mess, but then he helps clean up the mess. I have really had to learn to not over-react and stay cool, clean up the mess, and go on about things. To me if a child grows up only knowing how to be entertained the transition to entering the workplace or the work of running a home is rockier. Anyway it's a fascinating read.

Daniel got me a summer weight ring sling for mothers day and I have been trying to use it more, like we bring it to church. It seems to help Simeon's behavior even if we can only contain him for 15 or 20 mins of the service. I used it to wear him into a few boutique type stores I didn't want him to wreak havoc at last week. I probably wouldn't have gone to those places otherwise. Strollers are hard to navigate and a ring sling is just so lightweight and handy. Now that I have the hang of it. They can be a beast to figure out as I failed my first ring sling attempt.

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Mary said...

I LOVE the toddler wearing! I have tried as mine get older, but they fight it :-( But I would LOVE it! My hubbie, like Daniel would not 'wear' our babies. . . But that was just fine with me! I loved reading the article! xoxoxo