Monday, May 23, 2011

My buddy

I wanted to blog about something other than babywearing. From my blog you'd think my toddler never leaves my back. Really these days it is about 15 mins a day average, a mere piece of the day. But a fun and snuggly 15 mins!

So Simeon is 21 months old! And is so sweet, big time momma's boy and I love every minute of it. He has his moments, but we are better navigating the tough spots. He is talking more now and better communication makes things easier for sure. More and more words are popping up every day. He has definitely not been an early talker.

I did want to ask my momma friends out there or anyone else with any helpful ideas for a question. Simeon loves to help us, and I try really hard to let him participate as much as he can. But there are so many dangers, knives, the oven, raw eggs, pruning sheers. He is so observant and really mimics everything we do. I have a great opportunity to have a helper, because I am home with him everyday. I just need to direct him. It seems like most helper toys and even the Montessori method start at 3, but he is ready now to help! I have mentioned I really have to let go of my don't make a mess mentality. I know he has to make a mess to learn, but it is hard for me to let him do it at times.

We have a learning tower for him in the kitchen and his passion in life is "wa wa" water right now. He loves to play in a trickle of running water for up to an hour while I'm preparing dinner. He will even "wash" dishes. This drives me nuts at time b/c we have a small kitchen and there always seems to be knives and glass items in the sink, but I try to give in and clean up all dangers for one water session a day.

He helps me unload the cutlery in the dishwasher and sometimes other dishes if I'm not fast enough.

He "prunes" the roses every time we go outside now after watching me do it once. So I got him some plastic scissors to prune with.

Hanging out the diapers is a great one for a helper, but honestly that just doesn't happen enough. Now that it is already so hot we should be better about it. He likes to help me push the wet laundry into the dryer. Folding laundry seems kinda complicated to teach for now.

He really seems to be taking in no, nos but I want to give him an alternate activity. I just feel so uncreative at times.

I'm having so much fun with my little buddy even though we have our moments.


Mary Louis Quinn said...

Those all sound like good ways to include Simeon. I let C help pour ingredients (after I've measured them) when I'm baking, and she loves to water plants, so I set her lose with the hose or a watering can. I am the same way about messes- it's hard to let go of control b/c that is just more work on us later. But it sounds like you're doing a great job!

Cameron said...

I love the learning tower! What fun he must have in the kitchen with you guys. Lately, Mira loves to throw things in the recycling bin or the trash. We made cupcakes together the other day and she enjoyed pouring the ingredients and stirring with a little bit of help from me along the way. :)

Madeline said...

That can be hard. It helped me though when I realized that part of kids 'helping' is them helping to clean up as well. So when Levi makes a mess we clean it up together...unless it involves broken glass which it sometimes does. Sigh.
Other fun stuff to help with:
-mopping and sweeping. Levi has a child sized mop and broom that he loves
-spraying windows, mirrors, and bathtubs. We clean with water and vinegar, so he gets his own spray bottle and rag.
-collecting laundry from the hampers.
-Levi is older, but I give him small rags to fold in half while I'm folding laundry.
-Also, just carrying things from room to room seems like a big deal to little ones.
And, Levi loves his learning tower!