Friday, October 28, 2011

Guess What

This is brief and non-clever. We are expecting number 2! No Simeon in a big-brother shirt or a baby picture, because I lost the ultrasound pic at the office after I was there for too many hours. But we are very very excited. Simeon is confused, and to a child I guess it is kinda confusing. We were hoping to get pregnant and are blessed it didn't take as long as it did with Simeon. This first trimester has been worse than my first pregnancy but it seems to be getting better. So keep us in your prayers. After that long wait at the OB's office I didn't get a due date, but I think it will be the beginning of June or possibly the end of May!

Simeon's "hero party" outside the doctor's office. He got to come with us for the happy occasion after the babysitter fell through. And after waiting for a very long time he and Daniel took a fresh air break.


Mary Louis Quinn said...

Yay!! Congrats! Our second babies will be close in age too! :)

Lea Freeny Browne said...

Whoo hoo for BABY ROOT #2! Happy Happy for you guys! GOD IS GOOD!
I will pray for a safe pregnancy, labor and delivery. =) I hope our kids can play together.

Mary said...

Elizabeth, I am beyond thrilled for you all! Many, Many congrats to you all! Our love and prayers are with you throughout all of this! We love you! XOXOXO