Friday, October 28, 2011

Silly Like Daddy

We were at church Wed night for Vespers and Simeon was fairly well behaved, especially for a 2 year old! When the pastor's wife arrived halfway through the service and sat behind us Simeon clowned, playing some kind of peek a boo involving a lot of giggles. I didn't think much of it as he was kinda on the verge of loosing it. After church we were standing in a little walkway with the few other people that were there and Simeon ran over to the water fountain and fell out laughing. Khouria (pastor's wife) told me that his behavior reminded her of little Daniel. I was confused as I've always heard that baby Daniel was happy and laid back. But it seems toddler Simeon is exhibiting some of toddler Daniel's hysterics. It makes me happy as I love my husbands sense of humor, perhaps because it's in contrast to the one my mom says I don't have. Guess I stay on the serious side more. It is fun to watch his little personality grow. This defiant behavior seems to be worse some days and better others. I know there is a purpose to it, but I'm glad we are enjoying his giggles and it's not constant nos and tantrums all the time.

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