Monday, July 12, 2010


So we're in the middle of July, yikes time flies! I didn't do a post for the fourth and we had a fairly busy weekend. We walked down the street (a 15+ min walk) to the balloon glow. Simeon was up past his bedtime, but was a good sport about being worn around in the craziness! I love this picture on the right, he just wasn't so sure about those loud hot air balloons.

We spent time with our families and worked on some projects. Our beloved Auntie Becca came by to visit. She was kind enough to take over my birthday card invitation operation. Simeon was getting a tooth in and being held was more important that whatever else Mommy was doing! We're exciting about the upcoming celebration. Of course I'm turning into a sappy emotional creature. I just can't believe it is going by so fast!

And Simeon took his first succession of steps! At the AT&T store of all places. We were changing my phone, and were there for an hour. While at the checkout Simeon let go of my hand and took 5-6 diagonal steps! It was amazing, Daniel and I just looked at each other. I think it's a sign he's going to be a techie nerd like Daniel and his dad. He's still mostly crawling but will occasionally take a few steps. He now has 8 teeth and is in a happy period I'm really enjoying. Teething has been hard for my boy, so I'm trying to come up with some new strategies for the next ones. We have been taking a good bit of Motrin and Tylenol as teething rings and a cold rag do no good. I feel blessed to be at home with my boy and am thankful to be here through the good and bad!


It's Algood said...

I'm impressed! 3 posts already this month. Loving the updates!! Although I know you are getting sappy, don't... it only gets better. More sleep for you and more fun with Simeon!!

Lea Freeny Browne said...

Whoo hoo for teeth and the new ride he his. I like to hear all is going well with the Roots.
I can't believe it's been almost a year too. Time flies. So thankful you are at home too friend.
- Lea
P.S. Love the photo of you two up top!