Monday, July 12, 2010

Garden July 2010 Edition

So I'm going to try to make this brief. As I mentioned in previous posts the garden seems to be taking a turn for the worst again this year. The good news is it isn't a total failure, we have harvested a few things. But it has not been nearly as successful as I would have liked. My plants aren't producing much and what they have produced has been small. I need to check into having our soil tested. Instead of rolling straight into planting for the late summer or fall, we are going to pause to work on the dirt. My friend Hal recommended continuing to build up the dirt with compost. Daniel fixed the composter after I called the company and failed to get a replacement part. We did a little research and we need to add some more green material to balance out the food waste decomposition. Felder Rushing said that shredded newspapers are fine, so I need to bum some of those off of my parents. So we haven't given up hope yet! I did make a variation of a Julia Child's stew from the carrots and onions pictured here, it was yummy:)

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